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Bees are tiny yet one of the most hard-working creatures that play a significant role in human existence where it affects 35 percent of the world’s crop production according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations.

World Bee Day 2022, Bee Engaged: Celebrating the diversity of bees and beekeeping systems

Today marks the celebration of World Bee Day with the theme, “Bee Engaged: Celebrating The Diversity of Bees and Beekeeping Systems”. Last December 2017, the ,United Nations General Assembly unanimously voted to proclaim 20th of May every year as World Bee Day, its first commemoration took place in 2018.

It is truly amazing that these small little creatures are indeed flying miracles. Thus, it is critical to recognize their important contribution to our ecosystem.

Pollinators such as bees and other nectar-eating insects, birds, and even the nocturnal bats transport pollen from one stamen (male part of the flower) to the stigma (female part of the flower). This pollen movement is critical for the production of seeds, young plants, fruits and vegetables that we eat contributing to nutritional needs and food security for the human race to survive.

World Bee Day, Bee Engaged: Celebrating The Diversity Of Bees And Beekeeping Systems

Beekeeping has been an essential livelihood for certain people that helps boost the bee population, in an account by Jenny Castano of the ,Convention on Biological Diversity regarding beekeeping as a source of income, she stated that "the honey bee is the most widely managed pollinator in the world, with 81 million hives generating 1.6 million tonnes of honey yearly." She also emphasized the importance of beekeeping for local development because it takes less investment with low business risk.

There are approximately more than 20,000 species of bees, but only less than 5% of bee species make honey, and only honey bees and stingless bees produce enough honey worth harvesting. Bees make honey out of nectar, it is delivered bee to bee in the hive and is passed mouth-to-mouth until its moisture content is reduced from about 70% to 20%, this dehydration process changes the nectar into honey which bees store into the cells of the honeycomb capped with beeswax. Bees do this as a way of storing food for the rest of the year, when they are unable to forage and there are fewer flowers from which to gather food.

Bees keep our biodiversity healthy by carrying pollen from blossom to flower, fertilizing a new plant that produces seeds, ensuring that the environment continues to grow. Pollination of indigenous trees and native plants by bees aids forest regeneration.

World Bee Day, Bee Engaged: Celebrating The Diversity Of Bees And Beekeeping Systems | Photo by: Johann Piber

But sadly due to Climate Change, number of bees are declining worldwide. Leah Duran from ,Conservation International, an organization that combines fieldwork with innovations in science, policy, and finance to protect the land and the sea, said that climate change is causing habitat loss for bees because they failed to migrate to cooler areas to establish new hives. If a temperature becomes hotter, there is a tendency for bees to acquire parasites that are threatening their existence which is a result of climate change and global warming.

According to a report from ,ABC News, bees cover 170 billion USD in crops worldwide. Their report also revealed, according to data, that bee populations are declining each year, accounting for a 40.7% decrease.

World Bee Day, Bee Engaged: Celebrating The Diversity Of Bees And Beekeeping Systems

Everyone on earth is interconnected, if bees continue to decline, the food price could increase which could threaten food supply and eventually biodiversity.

As we celebrate "World Bee Day", may we learn about environmental protection and how everyone, like the working bees in their hive, has a duty to play and must work together to flourish in this world. May we nurture those generations behind us by teaching environmental consciousness toward the battle for climate justice and ensuring that our actions set an example for the betterment of our future.

<![CDATA[Negros Oriental Celebrates International Museum Week]]>https://www.thenegrostimes.com/article/negros-oriental-celebrates-international-museum-week6288969b2a0122a9da66ff8eWed, 18 May 2022 04:00:00 GMTPenn T. LarenaBy: Penn T. Larena

Every year since 1977, all museums over the world are invited by the International Council of Museums (ICOM) to participate in this day to promote the role of museums around the world, and to raise awareness that "museums are a vital method of cultural interchange, enrichment of cultures, and growth of mutual understanding, collaboration, and peace among people," says the ICOM. The events and activities planned to commemorate International Museum Day (IMD) might span a day, a weekend, or a whole week, and are held on or around May 18th each year. For the first time in 40 years, IMD was commemorated. International Museum Day is becoming more and more popular across the world. Last year, almost 37,000 museums from 158 countries and territories took part in the event.

Jara Carballo, Gemma Iso, Penn Larena, Maria Isabel, Roma Jane Hechanova, and Genesis Dimatulac at Silliman Hall

A simple celebration was held in Dumaguete City with the Negros Oriental History and Heritage Society under the leadership of Sir Penn T. Larena and Negros Oriental Arts and Culture Office under the leadership of our cultural officer Gemma Minda Laxina Iso.

The group visited the five museums in the City including the Silliman University (SU) Laura Hibbard Heritage Museum, Silliman Memorabilia at the Robert B. & Metta J. Silliman Library, SU Anthropology Museum, St. Paul University - Dumaguete Handuraw Heritage Museum, and Museo de Vicente in Foundation University.

Mr. Moses Joshua B. Atega, Heritage Advocate touring the group in Silliman University

Silliman University Laura Hibbard Heritage Museum is a museum project of the Silliman Alumni Association, Inc. Dumaguete Chapter, led by Prof. Gladys Rio Malayang and former chapter president Leo Dennis G. Mamicpic, was approved by University President Dr. Betty Cernol McCann, who had the brilliant idea of having this at Silliman Hall instead of being part of a Missionary Home restoration project as originally presented to the Board of Trustees.

Silliman Anthropology Museum was the first museum in Negros Oriental. An extensive collection of archaeological and ethnographic artifacts, the Anthropology Museum was established in 1970.

Handuraw Heritage Museum was established in 2004 during the Centennial Celebration of St. Paul University Dumaguete (SPUD) as the country’s oldest school part of the Saint Paul University System. with the help of the Friends of St. Paul with Sr. Pura Villanueva SPC, Flores Clan, and the Pinili Clan family members who were mostly Paulinians.

Museo de Vicente is a museum dedicated to the founder of Foundation University Dr. Vicente G. Sinco most of his memorabilia is on display. The Cultural Officer Alexie Dagaerag Miraflor toured the beautiful campus and the Sinco Social Garden.

In Negros Oriental there are other private Museums worth a visit including Tanjay Museum from St. James the Greater Parish Church, The Vicente Lopez Museum of the Vallehermoso Helping Hand Foundation, Mammal Bone Museum of Silliman University, Cata-al World War 2 Museum in Valencia town, and the future Peace Museum of the Philippine Army of Camp Leon Kilat

While there will be youngsters filling their minds with foolishness, you have the power to fill your children's heads with information and heritage respect on International Museum week.

The International Museum week was made possible with the generosity of the following people Prof. Bing Aguilar Head of OIP of Silliman University, Silliman Fine Arts Program, Silliman Alumni Office, Moses Atega for giving us the best history of Silliman University, Prof. Connie Cadelińa of the SU Anthropology Museum, Sr. Joseline Lasala SPC, Annabella Monte de Ramos, Dr Jane Galera, FU Cultural Officer Alexie Dagaerag Miraflor, Arch Horhe Adrian Z. Abcede NOHHS Chairman Museum and Monument Committee, and Myla Mae Bromo Abellana.

The event was organized by the Negros Oriental Tourism Office, Negros Oriental Arts and Cultural Office, Negros Oriental History and Heritage Society, and Buglas Reading Club, in cooperation with the local universities in the city.

<![CDATA[Debunking The Confusion With Nuisance Candidate In Negros' Gubernatorial Election]]>https://www.thenegrostimes.com/article/confusion-with-nuisance-candidate-in-negros-gubernatorial-election62855669b0eeb69d133fb656Thu, 12 May 2022 04:00:00 GMTFrancis Lianro BuladoBy: Francis Lianro Bulado

Nuisance candidate brought confusion in the 2022 gubernatorial elections in the province of Negros Oriental as voters wonder who will be the winning governor to serve the province for the next six years to come.

Campaign Poster of Ruel Degamo and Roel Degamo in the #Eleksyon2022

Bayawan City Mayor Pryde Henry Teves of the Nationalist People's Coalition was proclaimed the winner of the gubernatorial race by the Provincial Board of Canvassers (PBC) in the Provincial Capitol of Negros Oriental on May 10, 2022. The PBC also issued a 'Certificate of Canvass of Votes and Proclamation of Winning Candidate for Provincial Governor' which states that Teves garnered 301,319 votes, the highest number of votes "legally" casted.

On the other hand, Teves' closest opponent, the incumbent Governor Roel Degamo of the Nacionalista Party was running for his third and final term which he acquired 281,773 votes. Degamo is expected to contest the result by praying to the Commission on Elections (Comelec) to discredit the votes of the third candidate with a seemingly similar name, "Ruel Degamo" and should instead be counted in favor of him.

The incumbent governor said on Thursday, May 12, 2022 on his official Facebook Page that the Provincial Capitol employees were celebrating his victory.

The camp of Roel Degamo claimed that the independent candidate who goes by the name of Ruel Degamo spoiled his reelection bid where Ruel garnered 49,953 votes, leaving behind Liberal Party’s Vice Governor Mark Macias with 44,522 votes.

Henry Pryde Teves however, posted a counter statement on his Facebook Page saying he wont let his supporters' votes be wasted along with the copy of the Certification from the Provincial Board of Canvassers.

Nuisance candidate has been defined by the Batasang Pambansa BLG. 881 or the Omnibus Election Code, specifically in Section 69 as someone who filed a certificate of candidacy that will “put the election process in mockery or disrepute or to cause confusion among the voters by the similarity of names of the registered candidates or by other circumstances or acts which clearly demonstrate that the candidate has no bona fide intention to run for the office for which the certificate of the candidacy has been filed and thus prevent a faithful determination of the true will of the electorate.”

The wife of the incumbent governor who is also the seating Municipality Mayor in Pamplona, Negros Oriental, Janice Degamo, shared a copy of Comelec’s decision on his husband’s petition last year to declare Ruel Degamo a nuisance candidate and to cancel his candidacy.

The Petitioner (Roel Ragay Degamo), alleges that the Respondent’s (Ruel Degamo) last name is Gaudia and has no birth certificate "as he was entrusted to the care and custody of the spouses of Jaime Degamo and Irna Gaudia Degamo at a very young age." The Petitioner was able to submit a sworn affidavit of Irna Gaudia Degamo to prove these allegations.

He further alleges that the Respondent is an aircon mechanic; has not been popularly known by the nickname "Ruel". He also claimed that his political rival pressured and bribed the relative to file a Certificate of Candidacy.

Last December 16, 2021, the Comelec 2nd Division promulgated a resolution signed by Commissioner Socorro Inting and Commissioner Antionio Kho Jr., where it declared Grego Degamo as a nuisance candidate. It said that Ruel Degamo, known as Grego Gaudia only used the alias "Ruel" and the surname "Degamo" to confuse the voters for the 2022 elections.

Two "Degamo", one with the name "Roel" and another with "Ruel" will absolutely confuse voters and render worthless a vote for either Degamos during the appreciation of the ballots, thus, preventing the determination of the choice and true will of the electorate, the resolution said.

Furthermore, the resolution also emphasized that Grego "Ruel" Degamo failed to show his "bona fide intention" to run as a governor "in good faith". The resolution also stated that Grego lacks the means to sustain the election campaign.

Despite the order of the Comelec 2nd Division that declared Grego “Ruel” Degamo as a nuisance candidate and canceled his candidacy, the Respondent filed a Motion for Reconsideration and was referred to the Comelec en banc which is still pending up until this writing, this could be a reason why the name Ruel Degamo still appeared on the ballot, according to Roel Degamo’s Legal Counsel Atty. Richard Enojo.

Roel Degamo’s camp said that the incumbent governor is the rightful winner of this year's election if the votes of the nuisance candidate bearing the same name, however, spelled differently, would be credited to Roel Degamo as it would put the incumbent in the lead against Henry Teves.

Roel Degamo cited in a social media post a specific case, Santos v. Comelec (G.R. No. 235059, 04 September 2018), where the Supreme Court has ruled that the votes of the nuisance candidate will be automatically credited to the legitimate candidate. Also a similar case in Dela Cruz v. COMELEC (G.R. No. 192221, 13 November 2012), the Supreme Court has ruled that the votes garnered by the candidates who were declared nuisance candidates and whose certificate of candidacy have been canceled or set aside, should be counted in favor of the legitimate candidate.

According to the Philippine News Agency (PNA), Comelec Provincial Supervisor Atty. Lionel Marco Castillano made it clear that Comelec in Negros Oriental does not have the power and authority to transfer the votes of Ruel Degamo without proper proceedings. He also added that the decision is not yet final and executory as the motion for reconsideration on cancellation of candidacy and declaring Grego "Ruel" Degamo as a nuisance candidate and to cancel his candidacy is still yet pending at the Comelec en banc. Atty. Castillano said that there are about 1,000 disqualification cases that are currently handled by the Comelec en banc. He emphasized that it is up to the legal team of Degamo to follow up on the pending case with the poll body in Manila. The camp of Degamo is actively taking legal actions to resolve the issue.

<![CDATA[May is Cervical Cancer Consciousness Month]]>https://www.thenegrostimes.com/article/may-is-cervical-cancer-consciousness-month627e0622335874c2a03e6ef3Wed, 11 May 2022 04:00:00 GMTCedrick Louis AntiquinaBy: Cedrick Louis Antiquina

According to the Philippines' most recent cervical cancer statistics, 335,000 women died of cervical cancer in 2019, out of a total female population of 53,800,000 in the Philippines.

© 3D Model of Madonna's Vagina in New Series of NFTs | Cervical Carcinoma with Adnexa

Cervical Cancer is the second most frequent malignancy amongst Filipino women, next to breast cancer. In 2003, then-President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo signed Proclamation No. 368 designating May as Cervical Cancer Awareness Month in order to increase the transmission of information about cervical cancer and strategies to avoid it.

This disease in its early stage is insidious; it is generally asymptomatic meaning infected patients feel okay without any complaints or symptoms. There are also some who experience bleeding especially after sexual intercourse or douching. Since cervical cancer is caused primarily by Human Papillomavirus (HPV), a tumor-causing virus - lesions such as lumps and cysts can often be felt not only in the cervix but also in adjacent organs such as the vagina and its opening.

Thankfully, with the encouragement of the World Health Organization (WHO) to include HPV vaccination as an essential part of health, cervical cancer is showing a downward trend.

Cervical Cancer vaccination is targeted towards its primary causative agent which is the Human Papillomavirus. It is marketed as Gardasil or Cervarix amongst others. Vaccines are effective preventive measures toward diseases. It usually contains inactivated parts of the causative agent so that once it is introduced into the body, the immune system can interact and make antibodies without making the person feel sick. In the case of Gardasil, the leading HPV vaccine worldwide, it contains inactive virus "coatings". After being introduced into the body, the immune system recognizes it as a foreign material and makes antibodies to fight it. Our immune system then remembers it and keeps them on "stand-by mode" so that when the actual "active" virus infects a person, the body already has enough antibodies to counter it.

However, considering that there are still those who do not have access to vaccination and screening for the disease, the trend may not be an accurate reflection of the recent status of cervical cancer worldwide as there is still so much to be done to accurately determine the current statistics of the cancer affecting women.

Getting vaccinated is a responsible act towards controlling cervical cancer. Getting screened is also another way of ensuring one’s health. If you are someone who have had sex with many partners and if at an early age you had your first sex, try getting yourself screened by having a Pap Smear Test. A Pap smear is done by brushing the cervix in order to obtain cells for viewing under the microscope. In the Philippines, there is an existing memorandum from the Department of Health (DOH Department Memorandum No. 2015-0120) that allows free Pap Smear Test for all women 21 years old and above.

In Negros Island, the only health institution where you can avail of the free Pap Smear Test every Tuesday for the whole month of May is at the Corazon Locsin Montelibano Regional Hospital in Bacolod City.

On the other hand, males, though without cervix, are also recommended to have Human Papillomavirus vaccination to prevent neoplastic formation and prevent HPV transmission, though not necessary, HPV vaccines prevent the deleterious effects of Human Papillomavirus to males such as genital warts.

<![CDATA[2022 Philippine Election Concerning The Youth]]>https://www.thenegrostimes.com/article/2022-philippine-election-concerning-the-youth6278a8b948d3cf15127d300dMon, 09 May 2022 04:00:00 GMTThe Negros TimesBy: Jessa H. Abella

The Philippine Presidential elections are taking place today, March 9, 2022. According to a pre-election Pulse Asia survey, presidential candidate Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. is leading, followed by Maria Leanor "Leni" Robredo.

2022 Presidential Candidate Maria Leanor

The two candidates came out on top in four successive polls. The key front-runners for the next president have elevated the stakes of the election, making it a fight for the Filipino people to select who is deserving of the position. As a political strategy, supporters from diverse camps have shown their unity in their own distinctive ways on various social media platforms.

One of the most significant characteristics that a voter should consider is selecting the right candidate who is capable of addressing and responding to challenges such as the country's national defense and other more pressing matters that concern the country and its citizens.

On the other hand, the proliferation of fake news is one issue confronting this election. Enabling this activity may further perplex voters, increasing the likelihood of being duped.

In today's election, adolescents, or so-called prime movers, make for around 56 percent of voters. Without a doubt, some Filipino adolescents are susceptible to deceptions such as false information and propaganda.

Others are unaware of the candidate's potential role in governance. Some chose it based on their popularity, facial attributes, and other unrelated requirements for the post. This is a concerning problem since youngsters must exercise caution and think carefully about who they pick.

Aside from that, society and the environment in which an individual lives should go out of their way to guide and lead them to pick the most competent candidate for the post for which they are running.

Regardless of the false claims, we are taking a position for one candidate, either publicly or privately. At the end of the day, the person who merits the position will lead the country and demonstrate their commitment to their words.

Vote wisely!

<![CDATA[Vote Buying Rampant In The 2022 Presidential Election]]>https://www.thenegrostimes.com/article/vote-buying-rampant-in-the-2022-presidential-election6278c1edbd22b7be64b7cff3Mon, 09 May 2022 04:00:00 GMTCedrick Louis AntiquinaBy: Cedrick Louis Antiquina

In one of the busy afternoons of Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, Manong Romy (not his real name) traverses the streets of the University Town carrying a placard that, instead of carying a photo of a candidate, resonates a cause albeit an unpopular advocacy among the electorate: “Ayuda sa Politiko Atoa ng Kwartaha Dili Ilaha” (Aid From the Politician is Our Money, Not Theirs). At the back of the placard, more words spew out harsh truth: “Dawaton Ang Kwarta, Dili Nato Botohan” (Take the Money, Don’t Vote [Them]). The people have seen and read it maybe by a glance or a second look; but have they actually understood the meaning of the words ‘Nong Romy wanted to convey?

“Ayuda sa Politiko Atoa ng Kwartaha Dili Ilaha” (Aid From the Politician is Our Money, Not Theirs)

In today's 2022 Philippine National and Local Elections, politicians are now scrambling for the home stretch run. Today's election will be the seal that would determine the fate of each running candidate.

Along the streets, days prior, campaign teams walk to and from in obvious desperation to convince the undecided, hired vehicles parading politician's faces with accompanying serene-breaking jingle anthems tirelessly wander the roadways, and community leaders crack their joints to commence the 'pangamang' - a local term which literally means to crawl, to creep or to sneak; a subtle word to describe vote buying in general.

The Omnibus Election Code of the Philippines, however, is not that kind when it specifically defined vote buying as “any person who gives, offers or promises money or anything of value, gives or promises any office or employment, franchise or grant, public or private, or makes or offers to make an expenditure, directly or indirectly, or cause an expenditure to be made to any person, association, corporation, entity, or community in order to induce anyone or the public in general to vote for or against any candidate or withhold his vote in the election, or to vote for or against any aspirant for the nomination or choice of a candidate in a convention or similar selection process of a political party.”

UniTeam Bongbong Marcos and Sara Duterte Tandem Caught Vote Buying

What usually happens with corrupt officials is that they make business out of government services. For example, a dishonest local official during their 3-year term would amass great wealth through unimaginable ways only conniving minds could conjure. This is in expense of taxpayers money meant for services to the public. The siphoned money will then be given back to the people during election time with the grand illusion of aid by a loving politician to his faithful constituents. With a clamoring public that mostly lives with 'isang kahig-isang tuka', the money is one big hallelujah. The story hits differently among those seeking a first shot with politics. They borrow huge sums of money to fund their campaign with a conflicting assurance that upon winning the coveted seat, the loaned money will be paid in full with profit to spare for the next elections. Politics becomes profitable in the sense that once you are in power you control where and how money is spent, you take a lion's-share with every projects, and you can bribe anyone to do your bidding. This is the sad reality for most of our country where corrupt practices are deeply rooted. Here comes the relevance of ‘Nong Romy, here comes the resonating truth of ‘Nong Romy's placard. Indeed, that aid from the politician is our money, not theirs, and we do not owe them anything for that.

Laws and regulations are already in place to stop the proliferation of vote buying but a consenting public and a weak enforcing unit proved them all futile. Vote buying will always be around so long as the principles of "utang-na-loob" or debt of honor, the padrino system, poverty, and corruption continues to penetrate our political systems. It will never justify corruption.

Manong Romy is just one of the noble individuals who strongly advocate for elections not run by money but by an ideal democracy where votes truly make a stand rather than sold.

His bravery is admirable; an everyday 'Juan' with the zeal for a brighter future. This election day, one could only hope that this growing republic would steer towards what is right: where candidates platforms' matter more than 'ayudas', and where voters do not exchange 3 or 6 years of government for mere hundreds of pesos.

Vote responsibly!

<![CDATA[How Mother's Day Becomes Political]]>https://www.thenegrostimes.com/article/how-mother-s-day-becomes-political6276c406502c56a28792ece4Sun, 08 May 2022 08:21:46 GMTFrancis Lianro BuladoBy: Francis Lianro Bulado, Lyle Mark Bulado

May all voting Mothers be reminded that their voices are as important as their elected leaders and that they do not have to be silenced. Mom's stance matters especially in crafting better legislation and are pivotal to our government's development and success benefiting women, mothers, and the Filipino people.

How Mother's Day Becomes Political

Ma, Mom, Mommy, Mum, Mama, Madre, Maw, or whatever you call your Mother; they deserve to be celebrated, acknowledged, and appreciated as they play a vital role in our social, emotional, physical, and cognitive developmental growth, even fostering on our independence. We would not achieve or be who we are today if it wasn't because of our mother’s untold pain, selfless sacrifice, and genuine love that transcends throughout our time and continues to build a bridge toward the future that our parents envisioned for us. For them, they want nothing but only the best for their children.

Mother’s Day is a celebration to honor motherhood and has been observed widely worldwide. Its history can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Romans where they held festivals to honor their mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele. Another account is the Christian festival of “Mothering Sunday”, a tradition in the United Kingdom in which the faithful children would return to their 'Mother' church or the main church after working away from home, over the time it turned into a secular holiday where children would give their mothers presents like flowers as a small gift. In the United States, the history of Mother's Day is somewhat political, its origin can be dated back to the 19th Century when Ann Reeves Jarvis established the "Mother's Day Work Club" to educate local women on how to take care of their children. After the civil war, the regions were still divided and later on, the club became a unifying force. In 1868, Jarvis organized the “Mother's Friendship Day”, in which mothers come together with the former Union and Confederate soldiers to promote reconciliation. In 1870, Julia Ward Howe an American poet and author wrote the “Mother’s Day Proclamation”, which served as a call to unite mothers in attaining world peace. By 1900s, Mother’s Day was declared an official holiday after the efforts of Anna Jarvis, the daughter of Ann Reeves Jarvis.

In the Philippines, despite the 1998 Presidential Decree that technically moves the Country's official "Mother's Day" and "Father’s Day" to the first Monday of December every year, but most Filipinos prefer to still celebrate Mother's Day every second Sunday of May similarly to the rest of the world.

Mothers are called “ilaw ng tahanan” in the Filipino language which literally translates to “the light of the home” in English, because it is believed that mothers bring love, warmth, comfort, and brightness to the family as they elucidate darkness in the house by putting their family first and protecting them the best way they can.

During this special day, as part of the culture in the Philippines, Filipinos pay tributes to their moms, grandmothers, mother peers, and other motherly figures in their respective family, including single fathers who played both roles for their children by giving them surprises, gifts, blowouts, and special notes or letters.

Lilian Hinsoy-Bulado Mother of Author Shares What She Received For Mother's Day

This year's Mother's Day Celebration in the country is slightly different, with the 2022 Elections coming up on Monday, May 9, 2022 the tension is quite intense. Top Presidential candidates Bongbong Marcos, son of dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr. and Imelda Marcos is running a close match against Leni Robredo, a widow and a single mother raising 3 daughters after the death of her late husband Jesse Robredo from a plane crash in 2012.

Supporters from each party made futile attempts during the campaign period and even online up to today to convince opposing parties to switch teams, but voters are adamant with their decision of who to shade in their ballots on the May 9th Elections.

Moreover, some politicians inevitably make decisions that may impact the healthcare of our Filipino mothers.

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) revealed that thousands of Filipino women continue to die due to the complications that are related to childbirth. Camarines Sur Representative LRay Villafuerte said that there is a need for the full implementation of the Republic Act 11148 or the “Kalusugan at Nutrisyon ng Magnanay Act”, for which government should appropriate funds for the programs in the first one thousand (1000) days of a child’s life from birth. Mothers are also struggling to access mental health services despite the message of the Republic Act 11036 or the Mental Health Act of 2018 that makes mental health services accessible at the local level, however in 2021, the budget for the National Mental Health Program is only P615 million which is only equivalent to P5.69 per capita, a number impossible to afford and sustain any needs or commodity.

On the brighter side, it is a victory for Filipino mothers that 'Maternity Leave' has been extended from 60 days to 105 days after President Rodrigo Duterte signed Republic Act 11210 or the “105-Day Expanded Maternity Leave Law”.

These are just some of the numerous predicaments that Filipino mothers are facing. It is a specter that haunts mothers as they think for the unforseeable future of their children and the Filipino family.

To achieve changes in the aspect of Motherhood, it is imperative that we elect leaders who reflect our values and that will guarantee the protection of our children’s future.

<![CDATA[Heart Disease: Leading Cause Of Death Among Women In The Philippines And How To Avoid It]]>https://www.thenegrostimes.com/article/heart-disease-leading-cause-of-death-among-women-in-the-philippines-and-how-to-avoid-it6278231b4c31f486a4fe360bFri, 06 May 2022 04:00:00 GMTCedrick Louis AntiquinaBy: Cedrick Louis Antiquina

The heart of a mother (and all those who stood up to become mother figures) is truly a heart of a champion. As homage to their unique role to our lives, we should also take care of them more especially their health.

Heart Disease: Leading Cause Of Death Among Women In The Philippines And How To Avoid It

Mothers have played an enormously important part in our lives. Moms have loved and cared for us since the minute we were born. They've put in 9 months of careful living to bring us into this wonderful world. They are there to guide, support, and teach us important lessons as we grow. It's no surprise that they are given the monickers "ilaw ng tahanan" (light of homes). They are the ones that light up our houses by bringing happiness in happy moments and consolation in sad ones.

According to a Statista Research, the leading cause of mortality among females in the Philippines is

Ischemic Heart Disease. Ischemic Heart Disease happens when nutrients and oxygen are deprived from our heart muscles due to abnormalities among arteries such as plaques and fatty deposits.

Leading Causes of Mortality Among Women in The Philippines

Without the needed vital resources, the heart becomes weaker. This may have been brought about by the change in lifestyle amongst Filipinos which is now more closely classified similar to Western Pattern Diet (WPD) that is high-fat and high-sugar foodstuff.

Aside from healthy lifestyle modifications, that is recommended to fight against heart attacks and other complications, one can help conduct surveillance against heart diseases.

Here are simple and cost-efficient tests you can perform to check the status of your heart:

1. Blood Pressure Monitoring

Blood pressure measurement is usually done with a sphygmomanometer and a stethoscope. It

measures the pressure exerted by your blood among the blood vessels as they circulate around your

body. It gives us a picture of the conditions of our blood vessels. Higher blood pressures indicate poor

health probably due to obstructions along vessels.

2. Lipid Profile Test

This test is done on a person’s blood to determine its lipid content. There are two types of cholesterol,

the good one (HDL) and the bad one (LDL) which levels can be determined through this test. High

concentration of cholesterol in our blood poses a risk for developing plaques that clog our blood vessels.

3. Fasting Blood Glucose

Another test to help check for metabolic syndrome is the blood glucose test usually done after fasting

for a period of time. High blood glucose levels predisposes a person to a sequence of events that leads

to worsening of heart damage. Diabetes, a condition where blood sugar levels are persistently high,

causes changes in our body that subsequently destroy heart cells.

4. Electrocardiogram

The heart beats in regular rate and rhythm. That rate and rhythm can be checked through an ECG test

where leads are placed on your chest and impulse signals are recorded through a period of time. Abnormal rates as well as rhythm indicate that the proper signaling and communication between heart

cells are disrupted. As the abnormal pattern persists over time, the heart tries to compensate thereby

resulting to more abnormalities

5. Echocardiogram

The heart has four chambers guarded by valves. The synchronized opening and closing of these valves

gives us the regular rate and rhythm of our heart. The Echocardiogram test looks into the status of each valves giving us a better look of cardiac health especially if analyzed along with an ECG.

Other cardiac tests are available to specifically monitor and assess the physiologic capacities of our heart. For purposes of accessibility and economical-convenience, the aforementioned tests are highly recommended. It is important to note, though, that if a person shows signs of emergency such as extreme chest pain, loss of consciousness and palpitation, a visit to the emergency room is a must.

There is no better way to say thank you to the person who takes good care of our hearts by also taking

of their heart. Cardiac health can never be overemphasized especially in our times where lifestyle and

genetics greatly predispose not only women but all Filipino people with cardiac problems.

<![CDATA['Iglesia Ni Cristo' Officially Backs BBM-Sara Tandem]]>https://www.thenegrostimes.com/article/iglesia-ni-cristo-officially-backs-bbm-sara-tandem62746fcf050fc4b6783d883fTue, 03 May 2022 04:00:00 GMTFrancis Lianro BuladoBy: Francis Lianro Bulado

The bloc-voting religious group Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) has officially endorsed the presidential and vice-presidential tandem Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. and Sara Duterte for the 2022 elections. This was after the announcement made on Net25, an INC-owned broadcast channel on Tuesday, May 3, 2022.

'Iglesia Ni Cristo' Officially Backs BBM-Sara Tandem

Earlier this year there were already speculations that INC would possibly endorse the Marcos-Duterte tandem, one hint was when the Proclamation Rally of the BBM-Sara Tandem was held at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan in which it is owned by INC. However, Marcos’ spokesperson Atty. Vic Rodriguez denied affiliation and said that it was just the chosen venue.

“You’re reading too much between the lines. We have not said anything close to that. Ito ay venue lamang (this is only a venue),” he said in a statement in February 2022.

Iglesia ni Cristo is popularly known over the previous elections to practice 'voting bloc' amongst members, a group of voters that are strongly motivated by a common concern, and in the case of INC, voting based on their leaders’ preferences and is heavily wooed by both local and national candidates for possible endorsement.

Pulse Asia identified that INC comprises 3% of the voting population, and could equate around 1.5 to 1.8 million votes, according to 2013 data.

The influential religious group also endorsed the following candidates for senators: Alan Peter Cayetano, JV Ejercito, Guillermo Eleazar, Chiz Escudero, Jinggoy Estrada, Sherwin Gatchalian, Loren Legarda, Robin Padilla, Joel Villanueva, Mark Villar, and Migz Zubiri.

INC said during the broadcast that the decision to endorse the tandem was according to their “thorough study and research”. Marcos and Sara gave thanks as Net25 aired their message.

"Ako po at ang aking pamilya, sampu ng buong alyansang nakapaloob sa Uniteam ay labis na nagagalak at buong pusong nagpapasalamat sa suportang inihayag ng kapatirang Iglesia Ni Cristo sa pangunguna ng inyong tagapamahalang pangkalahatan kapatid Eduardo V. Manalo," Marcos said.

In 2016, INC backed former Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte for President where he won, while Bongbong Marcos for Vice President however, lost to Vice President Leni Robredo.

In 2010, INC endorsed both of the Liberal Party’s Presidential and Vice Presidential candidate Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III and Mar Roxas. Aquino won, while Roxas lost to Jejomar Binay.

May 7, 2022, marks the end of the campaign period. The tandem is scheduled to attend various grand rallies this week in Tagum, Davao del Norte; Paranaque City; Guimbal; and Iloilo.

<![CDATA[Fluvial Protest Held on Labor Day Against '174 Reclamation' Project in Dumaguete City]]>https://www.thenegrostimes.com/article/fluvial-protest-held-on-labor-day-against-174-reclamation-project-in-dumaguete-city626f93159656f9d85026c909Sun, 01 May 2022 04:00:00 GMTFrancis Lianro BuladoBy: Francis Lianro Bulado

Fisherfolks, environmentalists, progressive groups like Kabataan Partylist, and concerned citizens in Dumaguete City, Province of Negros Oriental marked Labor Day on Sunday, May 1, 2022, with a fluvial protest demanding government protection of Dumaguete’s shoreline against the plan to build a 174-hectare “Smart City”.

Fluvial Protest Held on Labor Day Against '174 Reclamation' Project in Dumaguete City

In the official statement via Facebook Post of the advocacy group, NoTo174DumagueteIslands said that the fluvial protest is a reminder to fight for Dumaguete’s coastal waters as the reclamation will bury the marine resources under tons of debris and dredged sand.

“Today is May 1, International Workers Day. We honor the hard work of laborers who ply the seas and toil the land to bring food to our tables; the waste workers who help keep our streets and beaches clean; the pedicab drivers who take us to work or leisure; the restaurant and store workers who provide us services; the women workers who nurture their families, and other sectors. All contribute to making Dumaguete a livable city, and all would be adversely affected by the reclamation project,” the group said.

Fluvial Protest Held on Labor Day Against '174 Reclamation' Project in Dumaguete City | Photo By: Paul Benzi Sebastian Florendo

They also urged the people in Dumaguete City to vote wisely on May 9, 2022, by electing leaders that are committed to the protection of the environment. “Vote for the preservation of our resources, for the interests of our workers and local businesses, for the needs of local communities, and for our heritage,” they added.

The “Smart City” plan is a public-private partnership between the Local Government of Dumaguete City and E.M. Cuerpo Inc (EMCI) that has the intention to reclaim a huge amount of land to build shopping malls, condominiums, parks, residential buildings, and other structures.

Last September 2021, Dumaguete City Mayor Felipe Remollo has deferred signing the agreement after the strong opposition by several sectors and following the passage of an ordinance by the Negros Oriental provincial board declaring all 46 marine protected areas (MPA), including the four barangays (Banilad Marine Sanctuary and Reservation, Bantayan Marine Reserve, Lo-oc Marine Sanctuary and Reservation Area, and Mangnao Marine Sanctuary and Reservation Area) in Dumaguete City.

However, the local community continues to express their disagreement with the proposed plan as Mayor Remollo said that the project may still be pursued. “This is without prejudice, however, to pursue the city’s application for pertinent permits with the PRA and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources relative to the Smart City Project at the proper time,” he said.

<![CDATA[A Journey Of Literary Arts In Negros Island]]>https://www.thenegrostimes.com/article/a-journey-of-literary-arts-in-negros-island6280b65722e5cd440952d13dFri, 29 Apr 2022 04:00:00 GMTPenn T. LarenaBy: Penn T. Larena

The culture of a place is a reflection of its society, in Negros Island its rich customs and traditions are both fascinating and captivating, it tells us about the people in the island, their way of living, as well as their beliefs.

A Journey Of Literary Arts In Negros Island | Old Map of Buglas Isla de Negros

When the Americans came in Dumaguete City and established Silliman Institute in 1901, Negros Oriental Provincial School in 1902, and Provincial Trade School in 1907; English language, literature, and creative writing were taught to develop the city to start as a creative center in the Visayas region. During the war, St. Paul Academy (now a University) was the only school in the Visayas area that opened the school for few children spearheaded by the Saint Paul of Chartes (SPC) nuns teaching French Language and French Literature at that time.

During the beginning of the post-war era, Spanish literary works were abundant at the early 1950s.

With works by prolific Dumaguete Writers like Oscar Montenegro, Tito Montenegro, Jose B. Anfone, Gloria Ledesma, Pelucio P. Lavinia, Rita S. Montenegro, Emmanuela Trio, Jose Maria Suarez, Rosario Fe Saavedra, Angel Calumpang, Salome Pastor, Luisa Magbanua, Claro Ceniza, Cesar Amigo, Aida Rivera (Ford), Edilberto Tiempo, Edith Tiempo, Reuben Canoy, Ricaredo Demetillo, David Quemada, Jose V. Montebon Jr., James Matheson, and Nicator F. Tabligan Jr. whose contributions to the literary culture in Dumaguete City spanned for decades.

Writers Rowena Tiempo-Torrevillas, Myrna Pena-Reyes, Lakambini A. Sitoy, Cezar Ruiz Aquino, Christine Godinez-Ortega, Merlie Alunan, and young emerging scholars Francis Lianro Bulado, and Cedrick Louis Antiquina continues to influence the world of literary and creative minds for our future generation.

A Journey Of Literary Arts In Negros Island | Male Writers in Negros Oriental

Drs. Edilberto Tiempo and Edith Tiempo were the faculty of the creative writing program in Silliman University, and the people responsible for the establishment of the Silliman National Writers Workshop which was inspired by their experience at the Iowa Writers' Workshop. The workshop has contributed to the creative atmosphere in Negros Island, and has also served as a pioneering model for other workshops established in the Philippines.

Foundation University was also a breeding ground of writer, poet and literary artists Apolonio de la Pena, Henry Jo Teves, Federico Villahermosa, Antonino Calumpang, Saleto Erames, Marcelino Maxino, and Leonaga Tulabing Larena.

St. Paul University – Dumagute has a number of well-known writers; Atty. David Cabello Martinez, Bobby Flores Villasis, Lilius Pinili, Arturo Valencia Umbac, Veronico Somera, and new breed of writers Tichie Ann Baena, Trina Claire Somoza-Ampalayo, Grace L. Alejado, Penn T. Larena, and Roel Jumawan.

A Journey Of Literary Arts In Negros Island | Female Writers in Negros Oriental

Elsie Victoria Martinez-Coscolluela the first Filipina Hall of Famer to win Palanca Awards, Artemio Tadena and Edgar Libre Grińo both also won prizes for their literary works in the prestigious Palanca Awards. Rolin Migyuel Cadallo Obina is also an award-winning Palanca poet, writer, and playwright from Bais City. Beverly Marcela Pastor-Ambo poems were accepted for publication in the American Poetry Anthology as she became a member of the International Society of Poets based in Washington D.C.

The literary background of the late Dr. Timoteo Sibala Oracion (anthropology, historian and writer) started when he recorded a piece of oral literature similar to a chant or incantation to bless the bounty of a hunt, it was later on transcribed by Dr. Oracion in his old study of the 'Negritos Culture and Traditions'. Most of his founded studies were about the Pre-colonial times in the cultural communities of Negros.

Rodolfo ‘Rudy’ Villanueva, shortlisted for the country’s highest recognition given to Filipino artists, Villanueva, also known by his pen name Renato E. Madrid, is a candidate for literature and music, he is the author of Southern Harvest (1996), a collection of stories, and two novels titled Devil Wings (1997) and Mass for the Death of an Enemy (2000).

Simon Anton Nino Diego Galera Baena, a poet whose work has been published in Mascara Literary Review International, Philippines Free Press, The James Franco Review, The Blue Hour Magazine, and The American Journal of Poetry.

Young generation writer and theatre actor, Ron Jacob Calumpang wrote several literary and autobiographies of famous people in his locality in Negros. Poet and medical doctor Gerard Jude Bumanglag humanizes the "real-world" of human emotions including sadness, pain, and happiness through his poems. Ayla Lopez-Sedon started writing at an early age, she is a creative writer who has a way with her words that are astounding and powerful. Josefa Baena Villanueva Perez (writer, researcher, and visual artist) has an impressive compilation of original folktales, folkways, and legends written together with her English Teacher husband, Serafin Perez, their work was utilized during the Negros Oriental Centennial Celebration.

Gemma Laxina Iso wrote several literary publications; Batang Tun-og (2013, non-fiction book) and Jobless to Job-packed (2021, non-fiction book). Some of her popular articles titled; OFWs in Madrid (published in a newspaper in Spain about Overseas Filipino Workers), Womb for Rent (about surrogacy), The Beautiful Mind (about mental health in the Philippine context), Eve Loves Eve (about same-sex relationships), and more. Her work was published by Independent Singapore newspaper, and in the columns of the Dumaguete MetroPost amongst others. She was also featured in the article Negros Women in Service published by ,The Negros Times whose current Editor-in-Chief, Lyle Mark Bulado (better known under the nom de plume of Lyle Whatchamacallit) who was born and raised in Negros Oriental, and is currently a lifestyle editor and writer based in New York City covering pop-culture and current affairs.

The declaration of the month of April of every year as a celebration for National Literature Month was established by Presidential Proclamation 968, signed by former President Benigno Aquino III in 2015. Its goal is to promote, conserve and popularize the country’s historical and cultural heritage and resources, as well as artistic creations through literature.

<![CDATA[Google Warns Android Users About Hackers Taking Control Of Bank And Social Media Accounts ]]>https://www.thenegrostimes.com/article/google-warns-android-users-about-hackers-taking-control-of-bank-and-social-media-accounts625534d6a53dfa576670f3fbTue, 12 Apr 2022 08:25:15 GMTThe Negros TimesBy: The Negros Times

Many Android users around the world have been warned about a frightening new threat that strikes when you least expect it.

A victim recently found an unusual activity on her social media accounts posting spam stories, direct messages, and in-feed posts.

Hackers have devised a method of duping people into believing their phone is turned off when, in fact, the cyber criminals have installed a phony black screen to cover what they're up to. They can also turn off brightness and notifications remotely so that the victims don't become suspicious. Meaning, they can go ahead and do whatever they want on your phone without you knowing.

As if they were holding the phone in their hands, the spyware allows them to tap, write, copy, and edit what they see.

Even more concerning, it has the ability to observe your own behavior, which is especially beneficial for obtaining critical PINs and passwords.

"Octo" is a type of on-device fraud and banking malware also called "ExobotCompact", a variation of a nasty trojan that has been around since 2018.

“ExobotCompact/Octo has dangerous capabilities, powered by inventive distribution schemes including droppers on official Google Play store and malicious landing pages.. Thus, customers are very likely to fall into installing the malware on their devices, allowing the actors to have remote access to their devices and therefore to their banking accounts." according to Threat Fabric, a Fraud & Cybercrime prevention platform, who also discovered it on the dark web, which is home to some of the internet's worst offenders where criminals skulk.

Google Warns Android Users About Hackers Taking Control Of Bank And Social Media Accounts

Apps that are out-of-date can become buggy and problematic, full of security flaws, which hackers like to take advantage of.

The majority of them entice individuals to download malware by posting bogus on web browsers, or by masquerading as a legitimate Google Play Store app, even through an update/download notification on the internet.

Some applications known to contain Octo include:

  • Play Store app install (com.theseeye5)
  • Play Store (com.restthe71)
  • Fast Cleaner 2021 (vizeeva.fast.cleaner)
  • Pocket Screencaster (com.moh.screen)
  • Postbank Security (com.carbuildz)
  • Pocket Screencaster (com.cutthousandjs)
  • BAWAG PSK Security (com.frontwonder2)

Android Users have been warned by Google to be cautious in clicking malicious links or odd website pop-ups when visiting any website for they may contain malware that could hack your device in seconds.

<![CDATA[Hanging Out With Jodie, As She Spills Some Tea From ‘Serving The Hamptons’]]>https://www.thenegrostimes.com/article/hanging-out-with-jodie-as-she-spills-some-tea-from-serving-the-hamptons624e90a4fbc18a4d6a63e554Thu, 07 Apr 2022 09:03:39 GMTLyle WhatchamacallitBy: Lyle Whatchamacallit

Discovery+ dishes up ‘Serving The Hamptons’ premiering on April 7, 2022, a brand new docuseries following the interpersonal lives of young restaurant staff in Southampton, NY as they work, party, and live together in an “over-the-top” Hampton house living rent-free while working at ’75 Main’ restaurant for the season.


The Hamptons is one of the top summer destinations in the US, located in the East End of Suffolk County on the South Fork of Long Island, approximately 100 miles east of New York City. Known for all the glitz and glamour; the exclusive mansions, the opulence of the multi-million-dollar summer houses as you cruise along Montauk Highway nestled in a panoramic landscape, the rural atmosphere and historic charm, the windswept dunes and white sand beaches, the warm ocean breeze, fresh seafoods, lively pool parties, luxury shopping and celebrity sightings, are only few factors that makes The Hamptons a favorite and popular year-round destination whose crowds peak in the summer that draws visitors from not just the city, but also from across the country, and even internationally.

‘Serving The Hamptons’ will showcase viewers an intimate look into the work and personal life of the personnel working at 75 Main while all living in the same roof and collaborating as a team to ensure the restaurant clientele are satisfied and comes back for more. The series will consist of 5 hour-long episodes that will take viewers into one of the most exclusive communities in the world, while showing all the drama that revolves in the lives of the young and sexy restaurant staff at one of The Hampton’s top dining destination. 'Serving the Hamptons' will focus on the people who work behind the scenes at the '75 Main' restaurant and will expose the tumultuous reality of the service industry.

Serving The Hamptons Casts

Jodie Kay-Bisasor a bartender in the series, who is a dear friend is one of the casts for ‘Serving The Hamptons’ starring along with the Restaurant Owner Zach Erdem, Manager Victoria Hilton, Chef de Cuisine Brogan Wu, DJ Ethan Thompson, Hostesses Jillian Gough and Samantha Crichton, Waitstaff Hailey Druek and Jack Tavcar, as well as Bartender Ryan Fitzpatrick.

I first met Jodie in the summer of 2019, at a Hamptons restaurant where I used to work as a server for the summer season. She was applying for a serving position at that time, and was put in to training right away after the interview by our manager. I was the one who trained her, but it was more like a run-through of the restaurant, as she was already pretty experienced in the industry. We chatted all throughout the shift as I learnt more about her work experiences. She shared she was a part-time actress and a model in NYC for the rest of the year when not in the Hamptons. At the end of dinner service, all the staff at our restaurant usually gather and toss some drinks at the bar, Jodie was there, we partied and drank the night away.

Unfortunately, after a few days Jodie had informed me that she is not moving forward with the employment at our Restaurant but we had kept in-touch.

Lyle Whatchamacallit and Jodie Kay-Bisasor in 2019 | Hanging Out With Jodie As She Spills Some Tea From ‘Serving The Hamptons’

One time, we went into one of her friend’s pool party in Easthampton where we drowned in Veuve Clicquot mimosas while I have a scheduled dinner shift at the restaurant that same day.

But that’s what people do in The Hamptons in the summer, they work hard and party harder. Money from the rich flows everywhere in the Hamptons especially in summer where it’s just there begging for you to earn it. Rich people fuel in rosés, champagne, shots and cocktails as they lounge by the pool or at the beach during the day and party all night; they devour on charcuterie boards, greek salads, fresh seafoods, and premium meats every meal.. You could only imagine that kind of demand for the food and service industry: Private chefs, Bartenders, Servers, Caterers, etc are so in-demand that it’s a common practice for people from anywhere to come to The Hamptons for a summer job, some employers in-return provide free housing as summer employees work for them exclusively for the season.

When I first saw the trailer of ‘Serving The Hamptons’, it reminded me of how fun it was working in the Hamptons for the season; the money, the drama, the fun times and the summer flings, oh it just gets hotter! So, I then immediately reached out to Jodie to hangout and talk about her new TV Show.

Jodie invited me to her Brooklyn apartment where we had a fun time chatting about life lately, and of course, exclusive scoops and crazy moments during the production of the reality series.

Aside from the drama that the show will serve up, according to Jodie their will be a lot of revelations and rule-breaking to watch out for!

One of the rules inside the house as mentioned on the preview was “no-hooking up”, but that rule was definitely the top to be broken; their will be love interests amongst the staff and their will be a love-triangle involved, work ethics will be tested as Zach Erdem the restaurant owner and Victoria Hilton the manager tries to rein in their staff’s behavior, their will also be a handful of A-list personality appearances as they visit to check out the restaurant. Hardwork and teamwork sufficed despite the drama that “brought a closer bond with each other” Jodie emphasized.

Off the clock when not working, Jodie said their will be a lot of pregaming and partying, they have also visited a vineyard as well as the carnival which definitely had “some moments” there as she recalled.

Jodie said it was definitely a very fun summer experience one for the books, as she cannot wait for the next season to start this summer!

’Serving The Hamptons’ premiers April 7, 2022 streaming on Discovery Plus.

<![CDATA[Our Planet, Our Health: Billions Of People Worldwide Continue To Breathe Polluted Air]]>https://www.thenegrostimes.com/article/our-planet-our-health-billions-of-people-worldwide-continue-to-breathe-polluted-air624bec8ceaf04c8e703489eeMon, 04 Apr 2022 04:00:00 GMTThe Negros TimesBy: The Negros Times

According to new statistics released by the UN Agency on Monday, April 4th, 2022, 99 percent of the world's population breathes air that exceeds World Health Organization (WHO) air quality regulations, encouraging a world less reliant on fossil fuels.

Our Planet, Our Health: Billions Of People Worldwide Continue To Breathe Polluted Air

Ground observations of annual mean concentrations of nitrogen dioxide (NO2), a common urban pollutant and precursor of particulate matter and ozone, will be added to the WHO's air quality database in 2022, according to the WHO.

According to the World Health Organization, a record number of over 6,000 cities in 117 nations now monitor air quality, yet residents still breathe dangerous fine particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide.

People in poor and middle-income nations are the most vulnerable.

“Current energy concerns highlight the importance of speeding up the transition to cleaner, healthier energy systems,” said WHO Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus.

High fossil fuel costs, energy security, and the urgent need to address the dual health issues of air pollution and climate change highlight the urgent need to move faster toward a society that is considerably less reliant on fossil fuels.

The findings of the new study have led the World Health Organization to stress the need of reducing fossil fuel consumption and implementing other concrete efforts to lower air pollution levels.

The new statistics was released ahead of World Health Day, which is celebrated on April 7 and this year's theme is "Our Planet, Our Health."

The new air quality database, according to the WHO, is the most comprehensive ever in terms of coverage of air pollution exposure on the ground. In comparison to the last update, 2,000 additional cities and human settlements are now recording ground monitoring data for Particulate Matter, PM10 and/or PM2.5, according to the WHO. Both pollutants are mostly caused by human activities associated with the burning of fossil fuels, according to the report.

Since the database's inception in 2011, there has been an almost sixfold increase in reporting.

According to the WHO, evidence of the harm caused by air pollution to the human body is quickly growing, and even low levels of certain air pollutants can considerably be harmful. Particulate Matter, particularly PM2.5, has the ability to penetrate deep into the lungs and into the circulation, producing cardiovascular, cerebrovascular (stroke), and respiratory effects.

New evidence suggests that Particulate Matter has an influence on other organs and causes disorders.

"NO2 is linked to respiratory disorders, particularly asthma," according to the WHO, "resulting in respiratory symptoms (such as coughing, wheezing, or trouble breathing), hospital admissions, and emergency department visits."

The World Health Organization amended its Air Quality Guidelines last year, making them more severe in order to assist countries properly assess the healthiness of their air.

<![CDATA[Silliman University To Switch From Online To Face-to-Face Classes]]>https://www.thenegrostimes.com/article/silliman-university-to-switch-from-online-to-face-to-face-classes624558025233f43916b9fff9Wed, 30 Mar 2022 04:00:00 GMTFrancis Lianro BuladoBy: Francis Lianro Bulado

After two years of using the Online Distance Learning (ODL) modality because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Silliman University (SU) will officially hold face-to-face classes in selected courses/subjects at the college level effective May 2, 2022.

Silliman University To Switch From Online To Face-to-Face Classes

SU President, Dr. Betty Cernol McCann announced during a university virtual convocation. However, McCann clarified that “there are courses that will continue to be delivered online; some are to be taught in a hybrid learning modality; others are to be primarily done in-person like our laboratory courses, practicum classes, and internship programs.”

During the pandemic, “the university has been closely monitoring shifts in health alert levels- 1, 2, 3 or 4 – as each level of alert means adjustments in the way we carry out our teaching, research, community service, and church activities,” she explained.

Dr. McCann added that the university is currently “retrofitting classrooms and preparing faculty and staff to transition into in-person and hybrid learning effective in May 2022.”

Silliman University, since last school year, had instituted limited face-to-face instruction for the School of Medicine and in allied health programs such as Nursing, Physical Therapy, and Medical Technology.

Students are advised to wait for further announcement by their respective teachers as to which courses/subjects will be held in-person and which ones will continue online.

The university made the move after instituting and observing closely, health safety guidelines mandated by the Department of Health and the Commission on Higher Education.

<![CDATA[SK Purchased Brand New Strada Vehicle To "Combat The Challenges On Anti-illegal Drugs"]]>https://www.thenegrostimes.com/article/sk-purchased-brand-new-strada-vehicle-to-combat-the-challenges-on-anti-illegal-drugs623ebf460bb41d7942065fbfFri, 25 Mar 2022 04:00:00 GMTFrancis Lianro BuladoBy: Francis Lianro Bulado

On a now deleted Facebook Post by the official page of Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) of Barangay Tetuan, Zamboanga City showcasing their milestone for a project of a newly purchased brand new Mitsubishi Strada and blessing ceremony of the "patrol car to combat the challenges on anti-illegal drugs" in their respective locality on Thursday, March 24, 2022.

SK  Purchased Brand New Strada Vehicle To

“Our goal as the representative of the Youth is to ensure that no Youth will never engage on drug related activities. This is our COMMITMENT in assuring the youth of quality projects that is inclusive and ompetitive,” the post says.

Netizens were quick to criticized the initiative of the SK officials as according to most, the project is counter effective and lacks further consideration if the purchase and use of the car is really conducive in delivering educational discussions to prevent drug abuse among the youth in their barangay, as mentioned on the post as for the purpose of the said project.

Moreover, the project is deemed questionable. Does a brand new car really solve the issue of illegal drugs?

We have to remember that there are other proven effective ways that were based on rigorous research and tested to prevent illicit drug use such as strengthening Intensive Educational Campaigns (IECs), School-based Education, Sports & Recreation, and Sustainable Livelihood Programs to revert the attention of the young population in an area.

Intensive Educational Campaigns (IECs) and School-based Education approaches could be a great avenue to address the issue as it can impart new knowledge to the young individuals who are confused about "trying things" and can serve as a foundation to recognize the possible effects of illegal drugs. United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) (2002) said that “The school can influence skills, knowledge, values, and attitudes that may, in turn, influence drug use.”

Many young people have a strong love for sport and using this has a positive effects in many different

ways including drug abuse prevention. Sports and Recreation diverts people's attention from illicit use of drugs. “Sports can be used to interest and empower young people in becoming involved in improving community conditions,” according to United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNDOC). A study conducted by UNDOC revealed that people living below the poverty line are more likely to engage in illegal drug abuse. This is also the reason why people are deprived to access education and left alone with no chance to attain help from an impaired government. These are the same people who have their family suffering from economic stress which negatively affects their parenting ability, which can result in youths abandoning their homes and ending up living in the streets most-likely to be influenced with drug-use by their peers.

In an article published in the International Journal of Drug Policy states that “the concept of social exclusion prioritizes the need for policies and practice that seek to change structural inequalities rather than individual behavior. At the broadest level, this means addressing key social problems (such as poverty, unemployment, restricted opportunities for training and education) that frequently underpin and exacerbate problem drug use, homelessness, and ill-health.” Thus, investing to a sustainable livelihood programs for the youth at the barangay level not just alleviate them from the poverty line but can shift their focus on more important things that gives them the opportunity to thrive as individuals.

Circling back to the brand new vehicle of the SK officials that has recently been purchased, raised a question if the project is in line with the Comprehensive Barangay Youth Development Plan

(CBYDP) which is a three-year rolling plan formulated by the Sangguniang Kabataan in consultation and with the concurrence of the Katipunan ng Kabataan. The CBYDP is the basis of the approved Annual Barangay Youth Investment Program (ABYIP) where the Annual Budget or Supplemental Budget is anchored with the ABYIP.

According to SK of Barangay Tetuan in a statement obtained by The Negros Times, a supplemental budget was used to procure the said vehicle. The Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of the Republic Act No. 10742 or the Sangguniang Kabataan Reform Act of 2015 Section 20, Paragraph 3 (c) states that programs, projects, and activities shall give priority to: “equitable access to quality education, environment protection, climate change adoption, disaster risk reduction, and resiliency, youth employment and livelihood, health, including health services and adolescent sexual and reproductive health, anti-drug abuse, gender sensitivity, sports development, and capability building which emphasizes leadership training.” The Municipal Council or Sangguniang Panlungsod reviews the proposed budget and critically checks its consistency with the existing laws.

We have to take note that the budget of Sangguniang Kabataan is very minimal where only ten percent (10%) of the general fund is set aside for the SK Barangay. Now, this begs the question: given a very limited budget, is it worth buying a vehicle to combat drug abuse while other pressing issues like education, environment, unemployment sectors remain not fully addressed or completely untouched and disregarded?

One of the SK Officials of Barangay Tetuan also made a Facebook Post (shared by the Page, also now deleted), claiming that the purpose of the brand new vehicle is to “ronda” (or patrol) in the area, in which did not settle very well with the people leaving with more questions, "Isn't that the job of the Police?" "What about the members of the barangay peacekeeping action team or the Barangay Tanod?"

Questions in which unless given proper attention and transparency will remain the number one issue the Philippines is facing when it comes to 'power in politics' and our 'broken system'.

The new Sangguniang Kabataan Reform Act of 2015 challenges our young elected officials to utilize SK, as a training ground for good governance free from self-interest and corruption.

There are many youth-led non-govermental organizations that runs independently and do not have a budget, or was only allotted with a very minimal budget who started their adocacies from scratch but was still able to produce quality programs, activities, and projects that are both beneficial and practical for the sole benefit of the youth. Sanguniang Kabataan should empower these organizations instead

of making a whole new plan that are either trashy or plainly foolish and a waste of government funds.

Nonetheless, anything that involves a government budget indeed requires a thorough analysis with the consultation of different branches and offices involved. There are so many other ways, and rather more important issues that can be solved and addressed without the need of insignificant spending on new "solutions" like a "brand new car". Perhaps, who knows, it will be worth it.

<![CDATA[ALLTOGETHER: An All-Women Art Exhibition]]>https://www.thenegrostimes.com/article/alltogether-an-all-women-art-exhibition623d5b2538f7ce6fb60158a4Thu, 24 Mar 2022 04:00:00 GMTPenn T. LarenaBy: Penn T. Larena

To showcase the creativity of Negrosanon women in the field of Visual Arts and celebration of International Women’s Month, artists and creatives in Negros Oriental has come together for an Art Exhibition in 'Dakong Balay Art Gallery' in Dumaguete City.

ALLTOGETHER is an all-women art exhibition committed to creating an avenue for the amplification of the female voice in our society. Although it is an identity-centered event, it veers away from reducing the artwork’s value to its creator’s gender and separates it from broader histories of art. It rather seeks to create a convergence of creative exchange and build a framework for productive networking among the 37 local women artists of Negros Oriental who participated in the exhibit.

The exhibition was spearheaded by seasoned artist and Folk singer Jana Jumalon of Network of Artists in Negros Oriental (NANO). Guests of honor at the opening were Arch. Gerard Rey Lico a multi-awarded author of publications on Philippine architecture and cultural studies, designer and curator of pioneering exhibitions in architecture –Negrosanon Visual Artists Hersley Casero and Ramsid Labe, with Photographers Maverick Cuello, Jude Millares, Sam Saycon,and Manila Heritage & Arts Advocate Yannah Justiniani, John Brian de Asis, and Christian Erold Enriquez. The very supportive artist and photographer Mike Alano and Art Teacher Penn T. Larena.

May this event be the seed of a community of women supporting women artists not just in Dumaguete City, but in Negros Island and nationwide. The women artists who participated are as follows: Alta Jia, Portia Nemeño, Bella Jumalon Alano, Jonee Jibes, Amelia Divino, Lawra Iskra, Blaise Villahermosa, Jo Camille, Karla Rosales, Madeline Roxanne Montaño, Sandy Dupio, Gretchen Villanueva-Heras, Risa Tubio, Marianna Varela, Sarah Ruales, Skye Benito, Trina Montenegro, Cil Flores, Susan Canoy, Dolly Sordilla, Janice Garol, Gerabelle, Isabel Gutang, Glory Abueva, Onna Quizo, Shaoi Jessica Lupisan, Iris Tirambulo, Vanessa Gaston, Daisy Tirambulo-Manalili, Kat Banay, Faye Mandi, Carmen Del Prado, Dyna Quilnet, Alma Alcoran, Wendy Basilio, and Jana Jumalon.

ALLTOGETHER offers not only a demonstration of the celebratory feminine energy but also an opportunity to partake of a diverse collection of visual narratives created and told by women.

The conception and execution of this event are a testament to our will and our vision. Organizing this exhibition, I have seen how our city is gifted with a vibrant community of practicing female artists. We want to manifest that in this exhibition. Coming together as a collective, sharing our experiences and our stories and our art with one another, we have realized how we all are propelled by the same desire: to create and to expand our art’s reach in the locality and in the larger scene. After all, there is no sweeter experience than to be acknowledged and celebrated.

Congratulations to all women artists who made the “ALLtogetHER” Art Exhibition 2022 so successful this Women's Month!

To view the exhibit, visit Dakong Balay Art Gallery along Dumaguete City Rizal Boulevard from March 18, 2022 through April 8, 2022. Happy National Women’s Month!

<![CDATA[Presidential Adviser Jacinto Paras Urges Duterte To Endorse Bongbong Marcos For President]]>https://www.thenegrostimes.com/article/presidential-adviser-jacinto-paras-urges-duterte-to-endorse-bongbong-marcos-for-president623b8517a2826a7e7468200bWed, 23 Mar 2022 04:00:00 GMTFrancis Lianro BuladoBy: Francis Lianro Bulado

Former mayor of Guihulngan City, Negros Oriental and President Rodrigo Duterte’s political adviser, Sec. Jacinto "Jing" Paras is one of the guests of 'Kapihan sa Manila Bay with Marichu Villanueva' a weekly news forum hosted and moderated by respected journalist Marichu A. Villanueva on March 23, 2022 where Paras call on Duterte to endorse Bongbong Marcos on the May 9th Presidential Election.

Presidential Adviser  Jacinto Paras Urges Duterte To Endorse Bongbong Marcos For President

Paras urged Duterte to join his party, the PDP-Laban, in backing Marcos, stating that the son of late dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr. is a "very faithful friend" and that having a buddy and ally as his successor will help the President.

“I believe that Marcos is a very loyal friend. I would certainly believe that Marcos would remain loyal to the President even if he becomes President,” Paras said in the forum with Villanueva.

“The President needs allies, especially from the new administration, I certainly believe that among the candidates, Bongbong Marcos would be the best who would be able to protect him,” Paras added.

“I appeal to the President, as a political adviser, that it’s about time, probably this is already the compelling reason that he shall finally endorse someone in the person of Marcos as presidential candidate,” he continued.

Sec. Paras also emphasized in the interview that Duterte will have peace of mind and can sleep well under a good friend, rather than being followed by enemies.

<![CDATA[Leni-Kiko Supporters To Open Campaign Headquarters In Guihulngan City, Vandalized By Opposing Party]]>https://www.thenegrostimes.com/article/leni-kiko-supporters-to-open-campaign-headquarters-in-guihulngan-city-vandalized-by-opposing-party623aa5b081fd08a7c3c3ec43Tue, 22 Mar 2022 04:00:00 GMTFrancis Lianro BuladoBy: Francis Lianro Bulado

Supporters of Vice-President and Presidential bet Leni Robredo and her running mate, Senator Kiko Pangilinan together with some volunteers cleaned and rehabilitated a privately-owned property in Sitio Bateria, Barangay Poblacion in Guihulngan City on Saturday, March 20, 2022 to be made into a local campaign headquarters for the electoral running-mate.

Supporters Of  Leni-Kiko To Open Campaign Headquarters In Guihulngan City

More than 20 volunteers actively helped spruce up the exterior and interior of the property. The newly established campaign headquarter/volunteer center is reportedly owned by Mildred Lim who allowed the volunteers to utilize the space for free, to serve as a center/headquarters not just for Guihulngan City but for its neighboring towns to be utilized in all local campaign efforts in support of Leni-Kiko tandem this upcoming 2022 Presidential Election.

Rex Geopano, one of the supporters who spearheaded the initiative told The Negros Times that they are no-way paid for the project as this is purely an act of volunteerism to show support for their running bets.

"We did it out of our love for our country. We are doing this because we feel that we have to exercise our rights and freely support the candidate who best represents us the 'ordinary' Pinoys. This is purely volunteerism, this is our only way of showing our trust and confidence to our supported candidate. When there is love on what we do, we don't expect something in return," he said.

He emphasized no monetary payment is involved as to address the issue of being "bayaran" (someone who accepts money in exchange for something) by the two presidentiables running against each other –Leni Robredo and Bong-Bong Marcos– whenever their supporters help in the election campaigns. He added there is still a lot of work needed to be done at the HQ but volunteers are working tirelessly to help finish the project.

On the following day of the rehabilitation, according to the volunteers in a Facebook Post, the headquarters received a backlash within the premises and has later discovered their posters, tarpaulins, and other campaign paraphernalia ripped, vandalized, and has been taken down overnight by unknown opposing parties. The property owner and volunteers are currently working in retrieving the CCTV footage around the area to help locate and determine the perpetrators, but they strongly believe supporters from the opposing party are responsible for the havoc.

Commission on Elections (COMELEC) Resolution 10695 sets the end of the campaign period on May 7, 2022.

<![CDATA[Security Guard Beaten Up By Negros Oriental Congressman's Son In A Viral Video]]>https://www.thenegrostimes.com/article/security-guard-beaten-up-by-negros-oriental-congressman-s-son-in-a-viral-video623980853ce8b65f1844ef44Mon, 21 Mar 2022 04:00:00 GMTThe Negros TimesBy: The Negros Times

In a viral video taken at BF Homes in Parañaque City, a group of men led by an alleged son of Negros Oriental 3rd District Rep. Arnolfo "Arnie" Teves Jr. caught beating up a security guard on Wednesday night, March 16, 2021.


The video showed Jomar Pajares the security guard in the said subdivision being beaten up by Kurt Matthew Teves with his escorts after they were refused of entry because his car didn't have the required sticker/pass to enter the residential complex.

The homeowner's association of BF Homes has later released a CCTV footage taken at the gate of the subdivision when the incident happened where Pajares and Teves can be seen in a heated argument. Based on the footage, Teves and his party had asked the guard a favor to let them in despite not having the mandatory sticker/pass required to enter the subdivision, after multiple attempt and Pajares' firm refusal to open the gate,

Teves loses his cool and said "Huwag mo akong tataasan ng boses ha..." (Do not raise your voice on me.), Pajares insisted that he did not raised his voice as Teves then asked his name and offered a duel, "Suntukan Tayo? Barilan Tayo? Di ka dapat ganun magsalita, dapat gwardya ka eh. Ano gusto mo nga, magbarilan tayo? May baril ka jan?" (You want a fist fight? A gun duel? You're not supposed to raise your voice like that, you are the security guard. What do you want, a gun duel? Do you have a gun there?).

Teves later explained in the video that their family have a house in the subdivision, he added he just arrived from Negros and that he is driving a new car that's why he didn't have the necessary sticker/pass yet. Moments later in the same CCTV footage, Teves can be seen snatching Pajares' cap as he abruptly got out of his car, Teves' escorts deescalated the situation and eventually left.

According to Pajares a few minutes later the group eventually came back in a different car now with a sticker/pass in hand. Pajares said Teves then introduced himself as a son of a Congressman and asked him to step aside for a quick chat, he was flushed as that is when Teves started hitting him as seen in the viral video.

In further investigation, the license plate of the car driven by Kurt Teves was traced to the name and residence of Negros Oriental 3rd District Representative Congressman Arnolfo "Arnie" Teves Jr.

Kurt Matthew Teves was also positively identified by the security guard as the suspect.

Pajares said that he is scared for his safety and was traumatized by the incident.

The Negros Times has reached out to Congressman Arnie Teves for comments.