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White Vans Shoes Increases 7.8k% In Sales After Netflix's 'Squid Game'

By: Lyle Whatchamacalit

The sales for white Vans slip-ons increases up to 7,800 percent in sales worldwide after Netflix's successful release of the Korean series 'Squid Game' in mid-September.

Netflix believes the series could be their most successful of all time, Squid Game explores a dystopian reality in which a mysterious organization recruits people in debt to compete in a sequence of apparently childish games for the chance to win a life-changing colossal sum of money.

The games played on the series are based on classic children’s games, some of which are specific to Korea; while others, such as “Red Light, Green Light”, are widely known worldwide. Unlike typical children’s games though, those in Squid Game have deadly consequences should you lose.

All participants in the game wear the same uniform consisting of a green and white tracksuit paired with plain white slip-on shoes.

It seems that viewers and fans of the show are looking to recreate the green uniforms and white slip-on shoes combo worn by the contestants of the dystopian game for this coming Halloween.

White Vans Slip-ons Increases 7.8k% In Sales After Netflix's 'Squid Game'
Scene at the "Squid Game" Move | © Netflix

Other than the white slip-on shoes from Vans, green tracksuits have also become a best-seller after the series aired. Other items include red jumpsuits and fencing masks that fans are purchasing to recreate the guards seen on the show.

You can buy these merchandise below:

Vans White Slip-on Shoes | Green Tracksuits | Red Jumpsuits | Fencing Masks

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