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September, A Month Full Of Artistry And Creativity

By: Penn T. Larena

In an enormous effort to showcase the best of the artistic inner talents and skills for the month of September, Artists in Dumaguete City were brought out to present their finest artworks in a month chock-full of individuality.

"Istambay" Sculpture and Installation made of Glazed and Bare Stoneware, Wood, Epoxy | "Habal-Habal" Sculpture Unglazed Ceramic made of Terracotta | Artworks By: Babbu Wenceslao

The opening reception for Babbu Wenceslao's solo exhibition, ASANAMO, which in vernacular translates to “Where are you [guys]?”, is held on September 10, 2022 at the Mugna Art Gallery where the artist's most recent masterpieces as well as some of his best earlier creations has been presented.

Babbu Wenceslao, a visual artist, professor of fine arts, and businessman from Dumaguete City, is the proprietor of the El Amigo Art Space along Silliman Avenue.

Artists; Sharon Moffat, Daisy T. Manalili, Writer Penn T. Larena and Brother Jojo Larena at the ASANAMO Exhibition
Artists; Sharon Moffat, Daisy T. Manalili, Writer Penn T. Larena and Brother Jojo Larena at the ASANAMO Exhibition

The Shelter Gallery is also hosting a self-portrait show this month, The Surface Tension Art Exhibition by Vanessa Gaston Copeland which will run from September 3 through September 25, 2022. In favor for a more illogical means of creating, Ms. Copeland is famous for her professional practices as an Architect and a Designer.

“Waiting” & “The First Year of Grief” By Artist: Vanessa Gaston Copeland
Artworks “Waiting” & “The First Year of Grief” By: Vanessa Gaston Copeland

Through spontaneous painting, she accessed the unconscious mind to convey the universal experience and complex entanglements of joy, sadness, tragedy, and relief. The fascinating featured piece investigates the longevity of distinctive acrylic "stains." It gives up the creator's command over her work and invites the forces of gravity, air, temperature, and liquid movement to influence what eventually manifests as a work of impromptu art.

Tubô Cebu Art Fair 2022 with Artworks by Dumaguete Artists
Tubô Cebu Art Fair 2022 featuring Artworks by Dumaguete Artists

The Arts Council of Cebu Foundation, Inc. and Ayala Center Cebu worked together for the fourth iteration of the cherished Visayas local art expo, Tubô Cebu Art Fair 2022, to increase the methods in which distinctive local artistic expression can be shared with more people, Negros/Dumaguete Artists participated and displayed their various aesthetic ideation. To recognize the various artistic talents of the Visayan region, Tubô collects artwork from all throughout the region, showing a range of dialects, cultures, and personalities. Tubô seeks to create more active and sympathetic programming for the local art scene while also seeking to be more intentional in its role as a distributor of production.

The word "tubo" have various different meanings in the DIALECT Depending on the PrONUNCIATION and how The WORD is said, IT may either mean,

: the growth of a person or plant, // gain, profit, or interest, // a sugarcane, // tube or a pipe.

Art has a universal language. It enables people to express themselves through bright colors, thought-provoking storytelling, and moving music. Each artistic creation provides a window into the past. Throughout history, artists have conveyed historical information through sculpture, architecture, paintings, and drawings.

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