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Mother With Breast Infection Needs Of Immediate Help

By: Lyle Whatchamacallit

A mother in Negros is suffering from an infection in her left breast. According to her family, it started as a small lump after a month since the victim gave birth.

At first, they thought it was just a simple boil until they started getting worried when few days had passed and the swelling still didn't go down, they tried and treated it with quack medicine but it still didn't work, instead the breast hardened and started growing rapidly.

They then tried natural remedies until the boil bursted and erupted with bloody pus and rotten flesh coming out with a very bad smell, a family member told The Negros Times in an interview.

It's not exactly known what the victim’s illness is yet until further tests are finally conducted.

The victim’s family would like to sought for financial assistance to be used for the victim's check-up and medication.

To those who would want to help, please contact:

Name: Krissan Ogahayon Magallano

Contact Number: 09069732794

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