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Leni-Kiko Supporters To Open Campaign Headquarters In Guihulngan City, Vandalized By Opposing Party

By: Francis Lianro Bulado

Supporters of Vice-President and Presidential bet Leni Robredo and her running mate, Senator Kiko Pangilinan together with some volunteers cleaned and rehabilitated a privately-owned property in Sitio Bateria, Barangay Poblacion in Guihulngan City on Saturday, March 20, 2022 to be made into a local campaign headquarters for the electoral running-mate.

Supporters Of  Leni-Kiko To Open Campaign Headquarters In Guihulngan City
Supporters Of Leni-Kiko To Open Campaign Headquarters In Guihulngan City

More than 20 volunteers actively helped spruce up the exterior and interior of the property. The newly established campaign headquarter/volunteer center is reportedly owned by Mildred Lim who allowed the volunteers to utilize the space for free, to serve as a center/headquarters not just for Guihulngan City but for its neighboring towns to be utilized in all local campaign efforts in support of Leni-Kiko tandem this upcoming 2022 Presidential Election.

Rex Geopano, one of the supporters who spearheaded the initiative told The Negros Times that they are no-way paid for the project as this is purely an act of volunteerism to show support for their running bets.

"We did it out of our love for our country. We are doing this because we feel that we have to exercise our rights and freely support the candidate who best represents us the 'ordinary' Pinoys. This is purely volunteerism, this is our only way of showing our trust and confidence to our supported candidate. When there is love on what we do, we don't expect something in return," he said.

He emphasized no monetary payment is involved as to address the issue of being "bayaran" (someone who accepts money in exchange for something) by the two presidentiables running against each other –Leni Robredo and Bong-Bong Marcos– whenever their supporters help in the election campaigns. He added there is still a lot of work needed to be done at the HQ but volunteers are working tirelessly to help finish the project.

On the following day of the rehabilitation, according to the volunteers in a Facebook Post, the headquarters received a backlash within the premises and has later discovered their posters, tarpaulins, and other campaign paraphernalia ripped, vandalized, and has been taken down overnight by unknown opposing parties. The property owner and volunteers are currently working in retrieving the CCTV footage around the area to help locate and determine the perpetrators, but they strongly believe supporters from the opposing party are responsible for the havoc.

Commission on Elections (COMELEC) Resolution 10695 sets the end of the campaign period on May 7, 2022.

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