Hanging Out With Jodie, As She Spills Some Tea From ‘Serving The Hamptons’

By: Lyle Whatchamacallit

Discovery+ dishes up ‘Serving The Hamptons’ premiering on April 7, 2022, a brand new docuseries following the interpersonal lives of young restaurant staff in Southampton, NY as they work, party, and live together in an “over-the-top” Hampton house living rent-free while working at ’75 Main’ restaurant for the season.

The Hamptons is one of the top summer destinations in the US, located in the East End of Suffolk County on the South Fork of Long Island, approximately 100 miles east of New York City. Known for all the glitz and glamour; the exclusive mansions, the opulence of the multi-million-dollar summer houses as you cruise along Montauk Highway nestled in a panoramic landscape, the rural atmosphere and historic charm, the windswept dunes and white sand beaches, the warm ocean breeze, fresh seafoods, lively pool parties, luxury shopping and celebrity sightings, are only few factors that makes The Hamptons a favorite and popular year-round destination whose crowds peak in the summer that draws visitors from not just the city, but also from across the country, and even internationally.

‘Serving The Hamptons’ will showcase viewers an intimate look into the work and personal life of the personnel working at 75 Main while all living in the same roof and collaborating as a team to ensure the restaurant clientele are satisfied and comes back for more. The series will consist of 5 hour-long episodes that will take viewers into one of the most exclusive communities in the world, while showing all the drama that revolves in the lives of the young and sexy restaurant staff at one of The Hampton’s top dining destination. 'Serving the Hamptons' will focus on the people who work behind the scenes at the '75 Main' restaurant and will expose the tumultuous reality of the service industry.

Serving The Hamptons Casts

Jodie Kay-Bisasor a bartender in the series, who is a dear friend is one of the casts for ‘Serving The Hamptons’ starring along with the Restaurant Owner Zach Erdem, Manager Victoria Hilton, Chef de Cuisine Brogan Wu, DJ Ethan Thompson, Hostesses Jillian Gough and Samantha Crichton, Waitstaff Hailey Druek and Jack Tavcar, as well as Bartender Ryan Fitzpatrick.

I first met Jodie in the summer of 2019, at a Hamptons restaurant where I used to work as a server for the summer season. She was applying for a serving position at that time, and was put in to training right away after the interview by our manager. I was the one who trained her, but it was more like a run-through of the restaurant, as she was already pretty experienced in the industry. We chatted all throughout the shift as I learnt more about her work experiences. She shared she was a part-time actress and a model in NYC for the rest of the year when not in the Hamptons. At the end of dinner service, all the staff at our restaurant usually gather and toss some drinks at the bar, Jodie was there, we partied and drank the night away.

Unfortunately, after a few days Jodie had informed me that she is not moving forward with the employment at our Restaurant but we had kept in-touch.

Lyle Whatchamacallit and Jodie Kay-Bisasor in 2019 | Hanging Out With Jodie As She Spills Some Tea From ‘Serving The Hamptons’
Lyle Whatchamacallit and Jodie Kay-Bisasor in 2019

One time, we went into one of her friend’s pool party in Easthampton where we drowned in Veuve Clicquot mimosas while I have a scheduled dinner shift at the restaurant that same day.

But that’s what people do in The Hamptons in the summer, they work hard and party harder. Money from the rich flows everywhere in the Hamptons especially in summer where it’s just there begging for you to earn it. Rich people fuel in rosés, champagne, shots and cocktails as they lounge by the pool or at the beach during the day and party all night; they devour on charcuterie boards, greek salads, fresh seafoods, and premium meats every meal.. You could only imagine that kind of demand for the food and service industry: Private chefs, Bartenders, Servers, Caterers, etc are so in-demand that it’s a common practice for people from anywhere to come to The Hamptons for a summer job, some employers in-return provide free housing as summer employees work for them exclusively for the season.

When I first saw the trailer of ‘Serving The Hamptons’, it reminded me of how fun it was working in the Hamptons for the season; the money, the drama, the fun times and the summer flings, oh it just gets hotter! So, I then immediately reached out to Jodie to hangout and talk about her new TV Show.

Jodie invited me to her Brooklyn apartment where we had a fun time chatting about life lately, and of course, exclusive scoops and crazy moments during the production of the reality series.

Aside from the drama that the show will serve up, according to Jodie their will be a lot of revelations and rule-breaking to watch out for!

One of the rules inside the house as mentioned on the preview was “no-hooking up”, but that rule was definitely the top to be broken; their will be love interests amongst the staff and their will be a love-triangle involved, work ethics will be tested as Zach Erdem the restaurant owner and Victoria Hilton the manager tries to rein in their staff’s behavior, their will also be a handful of A-list personality appearances as they visit to check out the restaurant. Hardwork and teamwork sufficed despite the drama that “brought a closer bond with each other” Jodie emphasized.

Off the clock when not working, Jodie said their will be a lot of pregaming and partying, they have also visited a vineyard as well as the carnival which definitely had “some moments” there as she recalled.

Jodie said it was definitely a very fun summer experience one for the books, as she cannot wait for the next season to start this summer!

’Serving The Hamptons’ premiers April 7, 2022 streaming on Discovery Plus.