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Bretman Rock Arrives in Dumaguete City, Visits Siquijor Island

By: Lyle Whatchamacallit

On March 13, 2023, Bretman Rock arrived in Dumaguete City Airport and made his way to the beautiful Island of Siquijor, where he will be staying for a couple days at Coco Grove Resort, The Negros Times has learned.

The social media influencer and beauty vlogger is in the country since the first week of March, for his "You're That Bitch: & Other Cute Lessons About Being Unapologetically Yourself" Book launch in Manila.

He shared his excitement about the trip to his motherland with his millions of followers on Instagram, posting series of photos ranging from his OOTD look by stylist Brian Meller, who was also in the country, to his "I'm In Manila B*tch" cap, as well as happenings at his book signing events.

Siquijor Island is located in the Visayas region of the Philippines and is known for its pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and stunning sunsets that attracts tourists from all over the world.

Coco Grove Resort, where Bretman is reportedly staying, is a luxurious beachfront property that boasts a private beach, tons of coconut trees, multiple swimming pools, and a variety of water sports and activities.

Bretman, who is originally from the Philippines but now resides in Hawaii, United States, has been vocal about his love for his home country and his desire to showcase its beauty to his followers.

In recent years, he has made trips to various destinations in the Philippines and has documented his travels on social media. Bretman is not only known for his beauty expertise and social media presence but also for his funny demeanor and outspoken personality.

Fans and followers of Bretman were thrilled to hear about his latest adventure and eagerly awaited updates on his trip.

Many took to social media to express their excitement of meeting him, as some locals have shared their selfies with the social media star.

However, he has not posted anything about the trip as of this writing.

As he enjoys his stay in Siquijor Island, it is likely that Bretman will also take the opportunity to explore the island's rich culture and history.

Siquijor is known for its traditional healing practices and folklore, and many visitors come to the island to learn more about its mystical traditions.

Overall, Bretman Rock's arrival in Dumaguete City and his trip to Siquijor Island has sparked excitement and admiration among his followers. As he shares his experiences and adventures on social media while in his homeland, he is sure to inspire others to explore the beauty of the Philippines and appreciate its rich culture and traditions.

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