BBM Supporters in Negros Occidental Held A Caravan Parade

By: Lyle Whatchamacallit

Supporters of the BBM-Sara Tandem in Negros Occidental held a simultaneous gathering on Sunday, November 21, 2021. The Caravan parade was attended by approximately 5,000 BBM supporters who joined in the parade riding various vehicles from SUVs, trucks, cars, to motorcycles, and trikes with red flags and banners adorned to them.

In an interview with BBM Caravan In-Charge, Edmar Traje when asked why are they supporting Bong Bong Marcos specifically despite the Marcoses history of dictatorship and greed in the Philippines, he straightforwardly said they wanted a President who already did something for our country, he added during the Marcos regime, his parents were one of the beneficiaries from the many programs and projects of the late President Ferdinand Marcos.

“Syempre gusto namin na ang magiging Presidente ay may nagawa na sa ating Bansa.” Edmar Traje, when asked ‘Why BBM’.