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ALLTOGETHER: An All-Women Art Exhibition

By: Penn T. Larena

To showcase the creativity of Negrosanon women in the field of Visual Arts and celebration of International Women’s Month, artists and creatives in Negros Oriental has come together for an Art Exhibition in 'Dakong Balay Art Gallery' in Dumaguete City.

ALLTOGETHER is an all-women art exhibition committed to creating an avenue for the amplification of the female voice in our society. Although it is an identity-centered event, it veers away from reducing the artwork’s value to its creator’s gender and separates it from broader histories of art. It rather seeks to create a convergence of creative exchange and build a framework for productive networking among the 37 local women artists of Negros Oriental who participated in the exhibit.

The exhibition was spearheaded by seasoned artist and Folk singer Jana Jumalon of Network of Artists in Negros Oriental (NANO). Guests of honor at the opening were Arch. Gerard Rey Lico a multi-awarded author of publications on Philippine architecture and cultural studies, designer and curator of pioneering exhibitions in architecture Negrosanon Visual Artists Hersley Casero and Ramsid Labe, with Photographers Maverick Cuello, Jude Millares, Sam Saycon,and Manila Heritage & Arts Advocate Yannah Justiniani, John Brian de Asis, and Christian Erold Enriquez. The very supportive artist and photographer Mike Alano and Art Teacher Penn T. Larena.

May this event be the seed of a community of women supporting women artists not just in Dumaguete City, but in Negros Island and nationwide. The women artists who participated are as follows: Alta Jia, Portia Nemeño, Bella Jumalon Alano, Jonee Jibes, Amelia Divino, Lawra Iskra, Blaise Villahermosa, Jo Camille, Karla Rosales, Madeline Roxanne Montaño, Sandy Dupio, Gretchen Villanueva-Heras, Risa Tubio, Marianna Varela, Sarah Ruales, Skye Benito, Trina Montenegro, Cil Flores, Susan Canoy, Dolly Sordilla, Janice Garol, Gerabelle, Isabel Gutang, Glory Abueva, Onna Quizo, Shaoi Jessica Lupisan, Iris Tirambulo, Vanessa Gaston, Daisy Tirambulo-Manalili, Kat Banay, Faye Mandi, Carmen Del Prado, Dyna Quilnet, Alma Alcoran, Wendy Basilio, and Jana Jumalon.

ALLTOGETHER offers not only a demonstration of the celebratory feminine energy but also an opportunity to partake of a diverse collection of visual narratives created and told by women.

The conception and execution of this event are a testament to our will and our vision. Organizing this exhibition, I have seen how our city is gifted with a vibrant community of practicing female artists. We want to manifest that in this exhibition. Coming together as a collective, sharing our experiences and our stories and our art with one another, we have realized how we all are propelled by the same desire: to create and to expand our art’s reach in the locality and in the larger scene. After all, there is no sweeter experience than to be acknowledged and celebrated.

Congratulations to all women artists who made the “ALLtogetHER” Art Exhibition 2022 so successful this Women's Month!

To view the exhibit, visit Dakong Balay Art Gallery along Dumaguete City Rizal Boulevard from March 18, 2022 through April 8, 2022. Happy National Women’s Month!

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