2 Members Of The Philippine Army Were Killed While 4 Were Injured From Encounter With NPA in Negros

By: Lyle Whatchamacallit

Breaking News — Two army troops were killed and four were injured after an encounter between the Philippine Army and the New People's Army (NPA) in the western mountainous part of Guihulngan City near the boundary of Negros Oriental and Negros Occidental.

2 Members Of The Phillipine Army Were Killed While 4 Were Injured From Encounter With NPA in Negros Oriental.
Source: Philippine National Police (PNP)

According to police, two members of the Philippine Army, Cpl. Biencent John Trero and Pvt. Cesar Ian Eleuterio, while four other soldiers, 2Lt. Paulo Lagarde, Cpl. James Somoza, Pfc. Benjanmuel Agustino, and Pfc. Kimjude Hibaler of the 62nd Infantry Batallion, Philippine Army.

November 3, Wednesday, around 3:30 pm, members of the 1st platoon of the 62nd IB encountered some members of the New People's Army or NPA in the area of ​​Sitio Bonbon, Barangay Hinakpan and Sitio Tiyos, Barangay Sandayao, Guihulngan City .

About a few minutes later, members of the 79th IB led by Lt. Lagarde and Lt. Conception also encountered the same group consisting of more or less 25 NPA members. The encounter lasted for more than an hour resulting in the death of two soldiers and the injury of four soldiers.

Six platoons were quickly deployed by the military as reinforcement against the fleeing NPAs.

The injured and killed were airlifted by helicopter yesterday afternoon.

The Philippine Army is still clearing operations in the said area.


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